Solarsystem Info

Drag & drop tabs at the top to re-order (browser).

Tab Content
ENV Environmental Effects, NPC and Wormhole info including phenomena
CEL Celestials: Includes info about count of planets, moons, belts etc.
PI Planetary interaction: Displays possible product chains and planet type count.
STA Stations: All stations in system including station service info and Citadels.
AGT Agents Shows available agents within stations including agent type and level. Enabling the agents tab will enable the stations tab automatically.
DST Destinations Will display route to bookmarked systems. Preset are major trade hubs.
ACT Activity Graph For wormhole systems there is no api data available for recent jumps or NPC kills.
SOV Sovereignty details
SIG Signatures and wormhole connections
DAT Custom Data of the solarsystem. Can be edited there.