Database Sets

Create your own data sets to display on maps.

Alpha Version

Feature still under development.

Creating a set

Enter a name for the set in the input field and hit enter. Your set and a tab for it were created and you are ready to edit its details:

Name The name of the set is also displayed in the tabs
Description Describe the data the set holds
Color Mode Choose on how the data gets colored
Color Low This color is used for the lowest value of the set
Color High This color is used for the highest value of the set
... ... under development

Low and high values

Lowest and highest values are chosen globally at the moment = If the highest or lowest values for that set are on another map those values will still be used for coloring. If you would like a mode where low and high are calculated from the displayed systems only please let me know (use the feedback forum please).

Individual color mode

Will color each distinct value or label with an own color. If a label and a value were entered the vlaue will be used for selecting a color automatically.

Linear and Logarithmic color modes

Only numeric values can be colored using these modes. The lowest and highest value's colors can be set via the set's details. Other value's colors get interpolated. To understand how those modes' results look like it is best to enter some values and switch the modes. Use like 1, 2 ,3 ,4 ,5 ,10 ,20 ,50 ,1000, 5000 for seeing the difference easily.

Adding Data

To add data you need to load a map. Opening a database set's details will show all systems on that map in a table. Edit the data and watch the map display it right away. You can right-click a system, to bring it to top and put the cursor in the value's input field to edit right away.

Data Display

When opening a set's details the display options Node and Label will get activated automatically. You can display your data via Sectors or Tags aswell. Please select them via the data displays menu.


Feedback very welcome ! Please use the feedback forum