• Solarsystems for options
  • Wormhole connection lines to set sigs, wormhole type and entry side.
  • Empty space in map area to close any menus
  • Region name in top row to go to Region Overview map
  • Solarsystem name in top row to center the map on it
Character management
Client and data sync
Cloud and data sharing
Data configuration
Map selection
Custom Data
Application settings
Toggle menu
Current route
Online pilots in sharing group
Solarsystem info
Incursions and Invasions
The legend reflects your current map display options
Feedback and bugreports
Toggle bottom pane
Toggle pane opacity
Map menu
Radar Map layout size
Switches between radar map and normal map
Zoom map in an out
Lock map regardless of your location
Toggle Fullscreen

see Waypoints

Browser only features

Keyboard shortcuts

Hold SHIFT while clicking a system to show info on it or close the info pane again. This also prevents the solarsystem-menu from opening.
Hold CTRL while clicking a non-regional system to go to its map.
Hold CTRL while clicking a regional system to center the map on it.
Hold CTRL-SHIFT while clicking a system to set it radar map center.

+ and - keys do zoom and arrow keys do pan.

Holding SHIFT while zooming via mouse-wheel will zoom slower.


Right-clicking the name of a solarsystem in the top bar will copy it to clipboard.

Just start typing to search for a place.