Location Tracking

Enabling synchronization with the EVE Online Client will trigger the following:

  • Start fetching your ingame location to follow your ship on the map
  • Waypoint setting to Eve client
  • Using your current ship for jumprange calculations
  • Start sharing your data if you chose to do so


Currently connecting to Eve
Sync was turned OFF due to failing

Tracking multiple characters at once

This can be achieved by running multiple browser instances.


Create a chrome user per character and track each character with its own instance.


There is an extension for multi-account containers available by firefox.


Microsoft Edge browser opens a new instance when starting the browser. Track one character per instance.

Other browsers

Just search the web on how to open separate instances of that browser and track one character per instance.

Live kill-stream may fail

When running multiple instances with zKill livestream enabled the service may stop working for you would send too many requests from the same IP-address. It is recommended using it only on one instance.