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Mac and Linux Desktop App

I got no installer available for those platforms. You can download the browser at A reference on how to package for that platforms can be found here.

Extra files: package.json, logo.png, nw.icns

Help needed

If you can do a working package for one of those platforms i would be happy if you could provide it via github and let me know.

Eveeye custom-url-scheme

You can call Eveeye on iOS or Android via the custom-url-scheme eveautheveeye with parameters
m for mapname
s for solarsystemname
t for info tab opened
o for options
j for radar map level
Check browser version urls for reference.

For example eveautheveeye://?m=Delve&s=G-TT5V will load Delve map with G-TTV5 centered.

Eveeye Explorer mobile app-store links:
iOS: itms-apps://