Colored background tiles of solarsystems.


Hub Trade
Colors sectors after the sum of total isk of buy and sell orders of the hub of that system. The hub is the npc-station within a solarsystem with highest value described. On Region Map it shows the sum of all hubs of that region.

Recent/24h kills
Colors sectors after ship + pod-kills within that solarsystem/region.

Recent/24h NPC kills
Colors sectors after npc-kills within that solarsystem/region.

Recent NPC kill Delta
The NPC Delta sector color gets brighter at higher numbers of NPCs destroyed in that solarsystem. Check the legend for a color explanation. So white color means ratting just started, green means recently started, blue ongoing and red means ratters are stopping. Not shown in high-sec systems.

Recent/24h jumps
Colors sectors after jumps to that solarsystem/region.


Colors sectors after their owning NPC faction.

IHUB Sovereign Alliance
Colors sectors after the alliance owning the infrastrucutre hub.

IHUB Sovereign Coalition
Colors sectors after the coalition of the alliance owning the infrastrucutre hub.


This data is pulled from and might be outdated due to lack of maintainance of that list.

Cost Indices

Colors sectors after the selected cost index. Available indices are:
Time Efficiency research
Material Efficiency research