Chain Mapping


  • While syncing your ingame location jumps via wormholes or jump bridges will get mapped automatically.
  • Wormhole connections get removed after 48h. You can always remove them manually by clicking the connection line and selecting Remove Connection from the solarsystem menu.
  • A connection will get created when jumping a cyno. Stop sync before jumping or remove the connection created manually.
  • For wormhole systems there is no api data available for recent jumps or NPC kills.
  • Phenomenons are stated as an extra sub-label. To view its effects click the wormhole and select Show Info from the menu and switch to the WH tab.

Display Styles

Solarsystem oultines are solid or dashed. Connection lines are colored and solid or dashed.

Type Meaning
Dashed system outline Shattered wormhole
Blue lines Not end of life
Red lines End of life
Solid lines Stability not reduced
Dashed line Stability reduced
Large gap dashed line Stability critical
Dotted line Frigate sized

Add data to connections

To add data to connections you can click wormhole connection lines or click wormholes in the solarsystem info pane within the "SIG" tab. You can edit:

  • Signature codes on both sides
  • K162 side
  • Wormhole code

In solarsystem info pane's SIG tab you can drag pasted wormhole signatures onto wormhole connections to merge the signature code. This will stop that sig from being displayed under signatures.

Name wormholes

Clicking wormhole systems will show a Set Wormhole Name option in solarsystem menu.


Wormhole connections can be used for plotting routes.