Citadels and POS can be pasted to browser versions of eveeye. On mobile apps however you can add them manually aswell. Structures are shared by pilots within your group.


You can copy and paste structures from the EVE's directional scanner using Ctrl+C an paste them on the active browser window of Eveeye. Using Ctrl+V will ADD structures to the system.

Citadels get pasted to the system they are in (since the system's name is contained in the data from directional. Control Towers get pasted to your current location.

STA tab

Pasting structures will open the STA info tab of solarsystem info pane. In that tab npc-stations and player owned structures get shown.

You can edit info on structures by right-clicking them or tapping them on mobile.

A structure can be deleted by clicking the X top right of it and confirm.

You can clean a system from structures as a whole by doubleclicking the little trash bin to the right within in the "CITADELS" headline.


Name Name of the Structure
Type Type of Structure
Notes Info like owning corp, location, etc.
State Unknown State
Full Power
Low Power
Armor reinforced
Hull reinforced
Standing Red = Hostile
Neutral = Not hostile but no docking rights
Dock = Neutral structure where you got docking rights
Blue = Friendly


If you turned on Data Sharing structures will get displayed to all other pilots in your sharing group.