With sync active you got the possibility to set destinations/waypoints from Eveeye to the EVE client.


To set waypoints tap/click a solarsystem. In the appearing menu hit Set Waypoint or Set Destination or use the following icons:

enter image description here Set destination. This clears a current route.
enter image description here Add waypoint to the end of the current route.

In the menu you can also select to Avoid System. To manage your avoided systems goto the ROUTE tab in Settings.

On top of a route the following icons will be displayed:

enter image description here Copy a waypoint list to the clipboard. This can be shared and pasted to eveeye.
enter image description here Click to name and store this route.

Loading a route would set it from your current location. Anyone pasting a shared route would set that route from his current location.

Ingame vs Eveeye route

You should match ingame and eveeye settings to get the same routes ingame and within eveeye. Still routes displayed may not match 100% every time. Eveeye will detect and re-calc the route displayed in eveeye if you took a different path though.

Route Display

To learn about the route list display please refer to this.

Route Manipulation

Right-clicking or doubletapping a solarsystem or an entry in the route legend will trigger a menu with options as applicable:

Clear entire Route Will clear your route ingame and in eveeye
Turn into Waypoint Will stop your ship in this system if autopiloting
Remove Waypoint Will not stop your ship in this system if autopiloting
Append Gate Destination Will add that system as a waypoint to the end of your route
Set Gate destination Will clear current route and set that system as destination

!!! attention “Color of menu entries” Options involving navigation got a yellow color. Options involving the jump-drive got an orange color instead.

For jump-drive menu entries visit this page please.


Kills on gates will be displayed in your route. This is almost live information due to it being fetched from zKill every 5 minutes. To learn about the color displays please refer to this.


When you got one or both of the options Use Wormholes or Use Jumpbridges enabled in Routing Settings calculating the route will consider those connections. If a route is found that includes wormhole or jumpbridge waypoints will be set accordingly.


We like to go from PR-8CA to Nasreri.
The shortest route from PR-8CA to Nasreri via k-space is 32 jumps.
enter image description here

A 12-jump route using a detour via Thera was found:
enter image description here

If you Set Destination to Nasreri via Eveeye the app will set a waypoint at PUIG-F. There you would have to find the entrance to Thera. The corresponding Signature Code is found in the solarsystem-tab SIG or on the line on the map. From Thera do the same for the exit -in this case- to Vecamia. After jumping back to k-space the client will show the last 4 jumps.

Within the EVE Client your route would look like this since the client does not plot routes via wormholes:
enter image description here