Release Notes


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Browser Version Ninja Feature Changelog

Features that got added on the fly to browser - 2022-03-11 : Ingame event options for Tags and Universe Maps

Release 5.00.0 - Feb 2022

  • Major improvements to universe map
  • Additional map overlay menu for fast setting access
  • Locking of jumprange origin
  • Live gatecamp checks on your route
  • Jumprange pane for systems in range
  • Lists pane added to quickly view all of your data
  • Structure mapping
  • Share solarsystem names
  • Store and share routes
  • Control UI brightness and connection line width
  • Added Recent NPC Kill Delta to sublabel options
  • Added Incursions and Invasions to universe map
  • Setting to toggle setting of waypoints ingame
  • Setting to hide connections to added but unknown wormholes
  • Setting for an Animated Location marker
  • Option to clear all added jumpbridges at once
  • A lot of other minor improvements and a lot of fixes
  • Advertising removed. Eveeye is completely third party free
  • Browser subs remove nag banner on mobile aswell

Release 4.02.0 - Jan 2021

  • Exact ingame map added
  • Station system TAG option
  • Presets now save custom data options
  • Fixed external data reload
  • Fixed reordering infopanes (tablet)
  • Fixed NPC Pirate display on region overview map

Release 4.01.0 - Jan 2021

  • Shareable custom data
  • Added DATA tab to edit all custom data within a system
  • Faction Warfare contested percentage node option
  • NPC Pirate, Security Class and Region options on universe map
  • Enable adjacent systems in universe map settings
  • Search separated from map selection (phone)
  • Reorder infopane tabs (tablet only)

Release 4.00.0 - Dec 2020

  • Universe Map
  • Light Theme
  • Pochven map updates
  • Metaliminal Storms
  • Jumpdrive navigation
  • Add Connections manually

Release 3.04.0 - Sep 2020

  • Added Node Outline options
  • DST tab now shows invaded systems
  • Clear sigs and connection from system button (doubleclick)
  • Click sharing pilots in list to get options on their location
  • Navigation options added to solarsystem menu
  • Autostart location tracking option
  • Append Waypoint will add to already set route within client just like Add Waypoint did before
  • Fix to bookmark syncing
  • Fix to routing using wormholes and jbs
  • Ads should be muted now (mobile app only)

Release 3.03.0 - Jun 2020

  • Triglavian Invasions added
  • Incursion and invasion pane added
  • Suns added to node and label
  • Security-class added to node
  • Fullscreen ads show less often (mobile only)
  • Fix to old connection cleaning
  • Fix to jumpbridge states
  • Fix to changing route options changing route accordingly

Release 3.02.0 - May 2020

  • Set jumpbridges red/blue or green to use them for routing

Release 3.01.0 - Apr 2020

  • New activity graph in solar-system info
  • Bookmark stations + new bookmarks menu
  • Route interaction functionalities added
  • Paste jumpbridges from ingame
  • Hub Trade node and sector data options added

Release 3.00.0 - Mar 2020

  • Comprehensive documentation
  • UI backend responsiveness improved
  • UI scaling (Settings > General)
  • New menu added
  • Size handler added to top pane in small screen mode
  • Stations and Agents added
  • Search includes Stations and Agents
  • New Signatures and Connections UI
  • Add notes to connections
  • Click wormhole connections in info pane to edit.
  • Adding notes to sigs. Click sigs in info pane to edit.
  • Set signature warped for despawn timers
  • Legend shows your map configuration
  • Setting ingame destinations will now set waypoints to wormholes and jumpbridges according to your route settings
  • Emphasize Constellation Outlines option
  • Diameter sublabel option
  • Cost Indices Sectors option
  • NPC faction node option
  • Constellations node option
  • Planets node and sublabel option
  • Name custom system marks + legend
  • Bookmark systems to appear in DST (former HUB) tab
  • Signatures and K-K connections now display on region overview map.
  • Podding and clone jumps do not create a connection anymore.
  • F353 and F355 wormhole types were missing.
  • 24-hour activity stats.
  • NPC delta stats.
  • INT tab with 48h graph in solarsystem info.
  • W-Space Kills in 48h graph.
  • Better differentiation of connections between different constellations and regions.
  • Faster loading at startup.
  • Transparent always on top window to overlay client (desktop-app only)
  • EVE-Client intel channel chat parsing (desktop-app only)
  • Cache timers added to bottombar (browser only)

Release 2.00.2

  • Fixes to preset saving and user interface.

Release 2.00.0 - Mar 2019

  • New Layout for Tablets and Browsers.
  • Save and Load Data Options + Presets.
  • All Sovereignty now relates to IHUB owner.
  • Ice systems updated.

Release 1.10.2

  • Bugfix: Saved marks did not display on reload.

Release 1.10.1

  • Route plotting improved.
  • Fix: Trails and marks won't clear anymore after a reload.

Release 1.10.0

  • Legend added.
  • Faction sectors.
  • Set names for w-space systems by clicking the system and choose from menu.
  • Set sig codes and wormhole-type by clicking connection lines.
  • Wormhole connection line labels added.
  • Paste signatures (browser only)
  • Merge signature and connection (browser only).
  • Fix: Adding a character won't reset options anymore.
  • Fix: Syncing ingame location will not fail as often anymore.

Initial Release - Nov 2016