Intel Channels

This feature allows the desktop app to read your client's chatlogs and display intel channel info on the maps.

To enable chat channel parsing you need to download and install the desktop app.

To add channels hit the Sharing Icon and add intel channels. You can turn them on and off by clicking the added channels. Remove them by clicking the minus sign.

Feature in development

Development, current issues

This is an alpha test. This means means the feature is still in development and has issues.
Known issues are as follows:

- The display of the intel list is getting a rework.
- Multiple channel intel line display needs changes.
- If a system was cleared via clr or clear subsequent intel in that system does not draw the red marker.
- +[Number] only works with one space before it at the moment.
- Some users report that the app does stop to update if not the active window or minimized. I cannot reproduce this and need more info on it.

Please help with feedback, report problems or bugs or anything making the feature better

- Systems behind jump bridges report 6+ jumps now.
- Parsing should not stop anymore after a lot of lines have been processed.
- System does now detect if new chat file was created (client restart).


The system can parse names of:

  • character
  • solarsystem
  • ship

All of the above need to be separated by 2 spaces.
Their order does not matter.
For example: FWST-8 ␣ ␣ Risingson ␣ ␣ Tengu

Additionally you can use the following at the end of an intel line:
solarsystem ␣ ␣ clr or clear: Sets a system empty
character ␣ ␣ solarsystem ␣ ␣ +5: Will add +5 or any other number behind the plus.!!! warning "Feature in development" This feature is currently under development. You can test it by downloading the desktop app. Feedback more than welcome !!