Center color, text or logo of solarsystem shape.

Node outlines

Black or white
Basic outline colors.

Colors the outline after system security.

Incursions and Invasions
Will color the outline if there is an ongoing incursion or the system is a Triglavian or Edencom system.

Basic node fills

Will display the solarsystem's security or average regional security on Region Overview map.

Security Class
Colors nodes after their security class. In earlier days this was relevant to the ore types in the solarsystem. I do not know if it has some relevance as of today. If you know more let me know please!

Colors nodes after their constellation.

NPC Pirates
Colors nodes after NPC pirates and shows the NPC pirate logo.

Own Data

Custom map data
If you create custom data sets they will get shown here as an option to choose.

Custom marks
Shows the custom node color you set via the custom mark options of the solarsystem menu.


Recent/24h kills
Colors nodes after ship + pod-kills within that solarsystem/region and displays the number.

Recent/24h NPC kills
Colors nodes after npc-kills within that solarsystem/region and displays the number.

Recent/24h jumps
Colors nodes after jumps to that solarsystem/region and displays the number.


FW contested state
Percentage of the contested state of faction warfare systems.

TCU alliance / faction logo
Shows the logo of the territorial claim unit owning alliance or sovereign faction.

IHUB Activity defense modifier
Colors nodes after the infrastrucutre hub owning alliance and displays the ADM index number.

IHUB Sovereign Coalition
Colors nodes after the sovereign coalition and displays the infrastrucutre hub owning alliance logo.


This data is pulled from and might be outdated due to lack of maintainance of that list.

Cost Indices

Colors nodes after the selected index and displays its index number. Available indices are:
Time Efficiency research
Material Efficiency research


Displays sun type within that system.

Displays moon count within that system.

Displays the number of the selected planet-type. The brighter the node color the more planets of that type are within that solarsystem.