Layout Overview Map

Regions of New Eden and their connections.

Regional Map

Map of a single region adjacting systems of other regions.

Chain Map

Map of your wormhole chain. adar ap This map-type displays all systems up to 5 jumps away from the system set as center of the map regardless of the region they belong to. It suits especially fine when using Intel Channels. To set the system range displayed use the following icons in bottom left:

Keyboard shortcut

Use Ctrl+Shift+Click on a solarsystem to switch to this map layout with that system centered.

Special Maps

Faction Warfare Maps

These maps feature all Minmatar/Amarr or Caldari/Gallente FW systems on one map. Click the links for recommended map settings. A Faction Warfare preset is stored in your map setting presets by default. e systems on one map.

Thera Connection Chain Map

Basically a chain map with Thera in the center. Choosing this map will enable Thera connections download from Eve Scout.