Basically Eveeye Explorer apps do store all data locally (client-side). If you do not enable the cloud service no data will ever get sent anywhere.

Cloud Storage

Turning on Cloud Storage enables you to backup and sync data amongst your own devices and would enable options to share data with other pilots.


The Cloud storage is hosted on eveeye's webhost easyname.

Personal data synced but not shared

  • Map Presets
  • Bookmarks
  • Saved Routes
  • Personal Custom Marks
  • Personal Solarsystem Names

Shared with pilots in your sharing group

  • Your pilot's location and ship
  • Wormhole Connections and Jump-bridges
  • Signatures
  • Structures
  • Shared Custom Marks
  • Shared Solarsystem Names

Sharing groups

Enabling Cloud will not share data with anyone unless you choose to do so

Type Description
Do not share data Nobody can see your data (default)
Corporation Only pilots within your corporation can see your data
Alliance Only pilots within your alliance can see your data
Group Only pilots using the same group code can see your data

Other options

Switch custom marks

These are the toggles to use your own not shared custom marks or the ones shared with your sharing group.

Manage Intel channels

Feature in development

This feature is currently under development. You can test it by downloading the desktop app. Feedback more than welcome !!

Remove character and data from cloud

Disabling cloud will delete all data related to that character from cloud. Removing a character via Character Management will not delete its data from cloud.